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The sum is greater than the parts.

Coaching is more than consulting, more than advice, more than any one technique. It's more than listening, it's more than talking, it's more than mentoring - put simply, it is Coaching. The Preferred Coaching model takes from the best of every area that helps promote the development and fuses it together into a framework that keeps you focused and on track when interacting with people in order to improve outcomes. 

When you, 1) partner with people and disregard your personal agenda as a consultant, 2) do away with relying on expertise as a mentor, you begin to come close to coaching. Coaching connects people more deeply. When you develop deep connections and relationships focused on performance and unique individual outcomes  we find that progress moves further than when we are simply performing the act of being a good listener and giving good advice. Coaching can carry us there with focus and increased clarity. True progress as an individual, partner or teammate requires sharp focus on the goals we set and a sense of intrinsic responsibility and accountability to our actions.  


Get the Most out of Your People

Leadership styles follow the general outline that was constructed by Daniel Goleman in the late 90's. These styles were based on Emotional Intelligence competencies and are more relevant today than ever. The most important part about all of this - The Coaching leadership style is more important than ever. Even though back in the 90's Goleman found that it "markedly" improved the environment and culture within organizations whose leaders leveraged Coaching skills. Those leaders were more connected to their people through EI competencies than through almost all other styles. The good news is that you can learn to leverage Coaching leadership style competencies together with other highly effective leadership style skill sets. That's why I demonstrate and confirm that Coaching is the Preferred leadership style.


Get the Most Out of Each Other

Relationships can amplify many feelings and character traits that can serve as both blessings and curses. The great part is that relationships are built as teams and never alone. Part of working with someone else towards a common goal for the long term is that at one point or another during our relationships we all lose focus on moving forward as a team, forget to approach our interactions intentionally, taking our partner for granted (even if we only take them for granted over small and simple stuff). What is a successful relationship? What is a failed relationship?


My experience filling the role of Life Coach for people in successful and in failing relationships over the years has taught me that regardless of the challenges that we are facing, it is most important to unconditionally care for the outcomes of your partner. Loving someone requires effort, skill and being willing to meet your partner where they are at this moment in time and support them unconditionally. I've been there during divorces, during the building stages, and when it seems like everything is perfectly fine. 

In the end, I believe we all want meaningful relationships. Meaningful relationships seem to be long-lasting and full of love.


Get the Most Out of Your Life

Life Coaching really is most likely both the most famous coaching service out there and the least understood. Listen the heart of the matter is that you are the expert in your life. Whether you are thinking about pivoting in your professional life, pondering continuing certification and education options like graduate school, working through some personal barriers to success, you've found that your relationship is less fufilling than you had originally anticipated, Life coaching is  all about you as the client and helping you travel from where you are to where you would like to be. It has been mentioned before, but that is really as simple and also as complex as Life coaching gets. The truth is that many people are able to live a perfectly acceptable life meeting 80% of the potential outcomes and value they would like to have in life. And, here's the thing, that is totally OK. But if you have been working toward gaining ground in an area of your life and you would love to tap into that extra 20%, that's is the space where coaching magic happens. Life coaching simply takes all that you are and connects that energy to everything that you would like to become. Coaching is usually the highest level of accountability that people experience in their lives, aside from survival. That's a bold claim, but has also been the case more often than not. So, here's to your life, on your terms, the way you envision it. 

Sat on the Rocks


Get the Most out of Your Efforts

If we focus to narrowly on one area of our life, success will still come, albeit at the expense of another area. High Performance may be influenced by any number of factors. Through coaching, I have found that many things that influence how people maintain their status as a high performer are unrelated to their jobs and skills. There are "domains" in our lives, that when left neglected begin to suffer similar to everything else. The challenge really is to work in, through with our areas of strength while continuing to focus on growth or maintaining other areas of our lives. We all want to obtain our personal visions of success. How you will do that while being a high performing individual includes a path which is clearly marked and the consistent and successful execution of your plan. 

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