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[Your] Life Coaching

Embrace Life, Level the Playing Field & Crush Goals

Coaching truly is the best vehicle to take you up to the summit of your life and overlook your personal vision. From that vantage point, you can easily look down upon your plan and decide the best course of action to take. You can connect your vision to an actionable strategy. The distance between where you are and where you want to be is clearer, more easily understood, and seems to be closer.


You're in control. You are the creative author and the most impactful, natural force in your own life. It's just that simple and only that complicated. The magic happens once you couple that vision with your plan of action and begin measuring your results.    


So, you're in control. You are the creative author. You are the most impactful, natural force of your own life. But, is there more?


What else are you hiding from the world? What do you "just know," in your heart of hearts? What drives you? How has playing small kept you from taking control? An inquiry process akin to this, and of course through many more elements, helps us deeply examine our life and determine what will make it worth living to our fullest capacity.


This is your life and it is worth publishing for the world and we all need each other to maximize our potential. Recording your life and learning the personal lessons that matter most to you can't be done without documenting and measuring progress during your journey. 

Before you start to navigate uncharted territory, the quality of your plan for going from where you are to where you want to be must be unparalleled. Many times this is less about the journey being uncharted territory as it is about the insecurity we feel as we start something new. It makes us feel vulnerable and, at times, inadequate.


There are few times when nerves and uncertainty don't get in our way. You can rest easy knowing that it means you are a normal, sane person experiencing the same uncertainty as everyone else. Harness those feelings, move toward your goal, but be sure you have internalized your purpose - the meaning behind what you are doing. This is the start of demystifying the magic found in your life as you step into who you want to become begin tracking your results.  

What to Expect

Working with a personal Coach for "Life Coaching" is still unfamiliar for many. We all feel that the stakes in our own lives are high. That remains the same for every person that has worked with Preferred Coaching. Sometimes we are our own worst critics, or we demand unrealistically high standards for our work. Whatever the case may be, we should never lose focus on how we construct and move through our lives is important.

What should you expect on your end from personal Coaching?

  1. Your coach will expect that you will be completely open about what you would like to accomplish.

  2. Complete a Coaching agreement for the length and focus of the coaching.

  3. Coaches request that clients be willing to stick to the process.

  4. Be prepared to revisit how motivated and willing you are to change in some way, shape, or form is essential to coaching. Many times this is simply to accomplish what you envision for yourself. But as Einstein is often briefly quoted as saying, "Doing the same thing and expecting different results is insanity." 

  5. Coaching Summaries after each biweekly visit.

  6. Weekly check-ins for gauging how things are going between coaching conversations.

  7. Your Coach will work with you while measuring performance in the areas which you would like to improve.

What should you expect from your coach?

  1. Unconditional respect and support for making progress through your process.

  2. No judgment on what you would like to accomplish, but coaches should always ensure that you are being honest with yourself and hold a high standard for accountability to help you reach your goals.

  3. Timely communication.

  4. That your coaching will be all about you and what you want to accomplish. Coaching will never be a one size fits all approach.

  5. You'll be asked to adopt an experimental approach to what it is that you would like to do, or how you must approach situations. And above all, be committed to the process that you and your coach have co-created.

  6. Great coaches hold you to your commitments and will push you to follow through with what you say you want to do. Remember you are in it to win it for yourself at this moment. That's why we work with coaches, right? One of the most important elements of great coaching relationships is that accountability and being responsible for your results is woven into every aspect of the coaching relationship. 

  7. You'll explore what needs to be said and done for you to match your words to your deeds.

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