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This is a common sight on my morning runs as the summers turn to fall.

A little about who I am.

This part is about how I'm working to become the coach you can trust - Your Coach. 


Helping You Measure Success, Reach your Goals & Increase Accountability.

Ten years ago, I could never have foreseen becoming a coach in whom people have placed their trust and support. I tried to brush off and refer out the first training opportunities and coaching clients that came my way. I could see and hear the feelings of being let down and the disbelief that I was deferring to other options for prospective clients.


It began to eat away at me inside and provided some motivation to shift my approach and welcome the opportunities that came my way. These were people that I respected and I cared about their success. After the first few times of respectfully declining, I decided to answer their calls to provide tailored and meaningful training for leadership development, including a coaching approach for their respective roles and improving how effective they were at delivering services. As a result, I've settled into coaching and have tried to become the best for my clients.  I've learned to welcome the possibilities to clearly serve others as a coach and answer the call to action. 

I "stumbled" upon coaching as a means to channel my passion for finding success through measuring results and feeding my desire to incorporate my time, talent, and goals into a profession. Coaching has helped to amplify specific communication and engagement techniques, as well as the best of many interpersonal approaches that have resonated with me over the years. When I was young, I was a cocky, self-absorbed youth. Pursuing a PhD, moving to the desert of New Mexico, and starting a family have all shaped me into a more tolerant, curious, caring and effective Coach. It's still a journey to become better for other people, but the fortune you find at the end of that road is much greater that 


Being trained and mentored within a few Coaching models helped increase my level of emotional intelligence and connect with some deeply hidden principles that I had not taken time to recognize nor develop. I was introduced to coaching in 2010 by my boss. While working for her at the local community college after a stint at the university across the street, I had the opportunity to learn from some Master coaches. Something clicked and I knew that this was the way that I wanted to reinvent my professional self. In the words or Dewitt Jones, I wanted "To be the best for the world." I knew that I could help more people and organizations as a coach. I would be a better boss, a better mentor, a better husband, a better name it. If I followed this path and developed my coaching skills, I knew that I would become more focused on how to improve my own performance and enhance my career in Higher Education. 

Since then, I’ve been able to work with some amazing people and have helped my clients take on the challenges that they are confronting in life. I've combined the best of what I learned into a simple-ish model that helps to drive coaching conversations forward.


Queue the start of Preferred Coaching. I wrapped up all of the coaching components that I thought were most effective and that I preferred to use regularly with clients, students and colleagues, in training to develop future coaches into this model. It's easily applied to a variety of professions because...well, it's a communication model - like all coaching. If you want to leverage the skills of others and drive change, communicating with people and shaping who you are when you are around them is essential. Coaching is the way to go. I believe that this straightforward and simple model can help.

Coaches preach continuous learning and growth. After a decade of coaching and training clients at some great places, below you can see what I am working on now as a professional coach. 


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Get in Touch

I am

PhD Candidate

The University of New Mexico

ICF-ACC Certified Coach

Board Certified Coach (BCC)

over 10 years of coaching experience

American Evaluation Association (AEA) Member


In the queue

Center for Credentialing and Education (CCE)

BCC Training provider

International Coaching Federation (ICF)

ACSTH Training provider

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Coaches Training Institute (CTI)


International Coaching Federation (ICF)


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Continuous Development

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